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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy summarized below belongs to the website https://amplifica.com (the “Web Site”), held by N Punto Cero S.A., corporation duly organized and existing under the laws of the Argentine Republic, registered in the Superintendence of Corporations (IGJ) under the number 10.580 of volume 49 of joint stock companies dated June 15, 2010 (“Amplifica”).

  1. Purpose

    The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to protect the personal information and privacy of those who interact with the Web Site in order to guarantee the right to honor and privacy as well as the access to the information then registered.
  2. Definitions

    For the purpose of this Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”), the terms “personal data”, “sensitive data”; “databases”, “ data treatment”, “person responsible for databases”, “computerized data”, “data owner”; “data user”, and “data dissociation” shall have the meanings stated in section 2 of the Personal Data Protection Act N°25.326 (“PDPA”).
  3. Principles governing the protection of personal data

    Amplifica complies with all regulations related to the protection of personal data and, in particular, with the PDPA and its Regulatory Decree N° 1558/01 (“Protection of Personal Data Regulation”).

    In particular, Amplifica complies with all the principles arising from the Protection of Personal Data Regulation, including but not limited to:

    1. the principle of legality, as Amplifica databases containing personal data are dully registered in the National Database Registry;
    2. the principle of quality, as Amplifica only collects the necessary and adequate personal information to provide its services and the use of the Web Sites, and it makes so through legitimate means and respecting the intimacy of such data owners;
    3. the principle of purpose, as Amplifica only uses the information collected for the purpose it was collected;
    4. the principle of the written consent, as Amplifica collects the consent of the owners of the data in compliance with the PDPA thus needed as a result of not being an exception of the such regulation; and
    5. the principles of security and confidentiality of the information, through the use of leading technology allowing the adequate protection (consistent with the technique condition) of the confidentiality and security of the information.
    In addition, to guarantee the security of the data, Amplifica shall use its best efforts and the same criteria that uses to protect its own information.
  4. Personal data collected automatically

    Amplifica shall not collect personal data automatically. The only information it shall collect automatically is dissociated data and statistics about the use of the Site.
  5. Collecting personal data

    The Web Site shall contain forms that collect personal data. In that case, the forms contain the provisions required by the PDPA, mainly regarding the written consent. The owner of the personal data is responsible for the truth of the information provided and accepts responsibility for updating such information. Amplifica shall use specific validating measures in the forms to verify that
    1. they are not completed automatically and without direct or immediate intervention of the user and
    2. the user meets the requirements or has the necessary conditions to sign in and/or provide the personal data required.
  6. Sensitive data

    Under no circumstance shall Amplifica automatically collect sensitive data or shall ask the user to provide sensitive data.
  7. Exercise the rights to access, update, correct, suppress or keep data confidential

    In order to guarantee the rights to access, update, correct, suppress or keep personal data confidential, Web Site users shall contact by e-mail at [email protected] indicating reason and showing proof of identity. Once the identity of the personal data owner has been verified, Amplifica shall allow the access and/or exercise of the other rights free of charge within intervals no shorter than six months, unless a legitimate interest to do otherwise is shown and in the terms established in the PDPA.
  8. Modifications in the Privacy Policy

    This Privacy Policy shall be modified by Amplifica in order to comply with the statutory and regulatory provisions in force. Modifications shall appear in the Web Site and shall become effective that same day, except as otherwise therein stated.
  9. Controlling Agency

    The Agency with Access to the Public Information, acting in its capacity of Controlling Agency of Act 25.326, shall take all necessary actions to deal with complaints and claims brought by those whose rights have been affected by failure to comply with the current provisions with regard to the protection of personal data.