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Terms of Use

These general terms of Use (“Terms and Conditions”) regulate the relationship between users of the web site https://amplifica.com (“Users”) and N Punto Cero S.A., corporation duly organized and existing under the laws of the Argentine Republic, registered in the Superintendence of Corporations (IGJ) under the number 10.580 of volume 49 of joint stock companies dated June 15, 2010 (“Amplifica”).

  1. Description of the site

    1. The purpose of the web site www.amplifica.co (“Web Site”) is to describe how the communications and advertising agency Amplifica is structured and to spread its own and its members’ activities.
  2. Protection of Personal Data

    1. Amplifica complies with all requirements of Act 25.326 and supplementary rules (“Personal Data Regulation”). In particular, Amplifica shall not use and/or disclose to third parties personal data corresponding to the User, except with the consent of the parties concerned or within some of the legal exceptions to obtain such consent, and shall comply with the principles of quality, purpose, confidentiality and security of the Protection of Personal Data Regulation.
    2. The Web Site shall not collect personal data of users automatically. The only information it shall collect automatically is dissociated data and statistics about the use of the Web Site.
    3. In addition, Amplifica accepts responsibility for the obligations described in the Privacy Policy of the Web Site, complementary to these Terms and Conditions.
  3. Conditions to access the Web Site

    1. The use of the Web Site is free, which means that no payment shall be done.
    2. The free access shall not include the Internet connection. Under no circumstances shall the Web Site provide the Users the connection needed to access the Web Site. The Internet connection needed to access the Web Site shall be solely at the expense of each User.
  4. Liability

    1. Under no circumstance shall Amplifica be liable for loss of earnings or any other mediate consequence, cause or loss of data or information, opportunity loss, punitive damages of any kind or nature.
    2. Amplifica shall not be liable for any malfunctions, failure to access or bad conditions of use of the Site as a result of the use of inadequate equipment, interruptions related to the Internet service providers, Internet congestion of any kind or nature.
  5. Modifications in the Web Site

    1. Amplifica shall introduce all changes and modifications deemed convenient to the Web Site, including but not limited to add, alter, replace or delete any content of the Web Site at any moment.
  6. Using the Web Site

    1. Users shall use the Web Site in accordance with the provisions in these Terms and Conditions; under the legal system of the corresponding place, people, or subject, considered as a whole, and according to the guidelines of conduct imposed by morality and proper conduct and respect to third parties’ rights. No authorized use of the content of the Web Site conveys the authority of the distortion, modification or alteration of such material in any way. Any activity of automatic recollection of information of the Web Site (including but not limited to web scrapping) shall be considered a violation of these Terms and Conditions.
    2. Amplifica reserves the right to start legal proceedings against any violation of its intellectual and industrial property rights.
  7. Intellectual Property

    1. All the existing material in the Web Site constitutes exclusive property of Amplifica and/or third parties that have authorized the use of the material in the Web Site. This includes, but it is not limited to images, photos, designs, graphics, sounds, compilation of data, brands, names, titles, designations, distinguishing signs and any other material obtained through the Web Site.
    2. Amplifica reserves the right of the aforementioned material. Amplifica shall not assign or transfer in favor of Users any of its intellectual property rights. Therefore, the reproduction, distribution and/or modification of the material shall be expressly authorized by Amplifica.
    3. Intellectual property rights concerning the criteria for the selection and/or disposition of the content in the Web Site belong exclusively to Amplifica, being strictly prohibited for the Users to use the content, the categories and/or any information of the Web Site with any other purpose than participating in the Web Site.
    4. In the case of content the Web Site allows the Users to download for further reading, Amplifica grants the Users a limited use license, which shall be non-transferable and non-exclusive and for strictly personal use, and which shall be valid while the User keeps being a User of the Web Site.
  8. Operation of the Web Site

    1. Amplifica shall not guarantee optimal operating conditions of the Web Site and access to its contents without interruptions.
    2. Amplifica shall suspend the access to the Web Site for maintenance or security reasons at any time.
  9. Applicable law and jurisdiction

    1. All legal purposes related to the Web Site shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the Argentine Republic.
    2. Any dispute arising between the parties related to these Terms and Conditions, the existence, validity, qualification, interpretation, scope, compliance or resolution shall be definitely ruled by the ordinary courts for commercial matters located in the City of Buenos Aires.